How it Works

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Helpful Tips:

  • The ring should fit either the ring or middle finger; whichever finger the silver petals sit flush against the fingers.
  • Flowers with smaller bases lie flatter in the ring.
  • Stems sometimes bend; that’s Mother Nature for you! Make sure to have several flowers in case one should bend when you insert it. If the stem is too long, it will bend easily when you try to insert it into the ring. If the stem is too short, it will fall out of the ring.
  • Fresh flowers work best as their stem is sturdier.
  • To keep your flower looking fresh, spray with a moisture spray and keep cool.
  • Use a hardy flower that can go without water for at least a couple of hours. Test this out before the big day!
  • The stem should be smooth (take off leaves and cut off bumps) and should be 5mm diameter or less.
  • Unfortunately, not every flower will work in the ring due to the size of the stems.

Your looks are as limitless as Mother Nature’s offerings. Flowers that work well with the Flowering are: Daisies, Gerber Daisies, Dahlias, Spray Roses, Baby’s Breath, Ranunculus, Mums, Allysum, Pompons, Chrysanthemums, etc.